Test your knowlegde on hygiene in hotel and restaurant industry or in food industry with our quiz !
Hygiene in hotel and restaurant industry quiz - Hygiene in food industry quiz

If you are a professional from either the food industry,hotel and restaurant industry or medico-social industry; you now have various concerns:

  • To meet regulatory requirements in a constantly changing sector
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Process improvement
  • Health and safety assurance for your employees
  • Guarantee your skills and your understanding of the current economic and/or industrial issues
  • Evolve in accordance with the environment and the stakeholders
  • etc....

SPECIA, integrated management initiative expert (quality, hygiene, safety, environment, food safety) can help you to address these concerns, by reconciling the professional environment requirements in constant evolution in accordance with employees rights and duties to their employer.

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SPECIA intervenes on both national and international levels, and also in  Africa.

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